For the Blockchain analytics we have created 6 Use Cases. Find more about each of
them bellow! For each use case you can:
Check the main details here
  • go into details by reading the support peer-reviewed research paper

  • download the code and run it again with your own data

  •       get in contact with the creator of the use case

Use case 1

Use Case 1 Blockchain – Initial Coin Offerings risk or opportunity (Authors: Anca M. Toma, Paola Cerchiello) 

Use case 2

 Use Case 2 Blockchain – Are Cryptos becoming alternative Assets? (Authors: Daniel Traian Pele, Niels Wesselhofft, Wolfgang Karl Hardle, Michalis Kolossiatis, Yannis G Yatracos) 

Use case 3

 Use Case 3 Blockchain – Libra or Librae Basket based stable coins to mitigate foreign exchange volatility spill overs? (Authors: Paolo Giudici, Thomas Leach, Paolo Pagnattoni)

Use case 4

Use Case 4 Blockchain – Financial Risk Meter (Authors: Adrija Mihoci, Michael Althof, Cathy Yi-Hsuan Chen, Wolfgang Karl Hardle) 

Use case 5

 Use Case 5 Blockchain – Analysis of the cryptocurrency market applying different prototype-based clustering techniques.  (Authors: Luiso Lorenzo, Javier Arroyo) 

Use case 6

Use Case 6 Blockchain – Cyber risk ordering with rank based statistical models (Authors: Paolo Giudici, Emanuela Raffinetti) 

The 3 used cases were presented all across Europe in mode than 30 events.
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For enriching the field, we have also produced significant research and the main 17 research papers produced on the topic are:
Can Cryptocurrencies Preserve Privacy and Comply with Regulations?

Authors: Geoff Goodell, Tomasso Aste

Key words: Crypto assets, Privacy, Regulation

Lead Behaviour in Bitcoin Markets

Authors: Ying Chen, Paolo Giudici, Branka Hadji Misheva, Simon Trimborn

Key words: Crypto prices, Lead-lag models, Clustering

High Frequency Price Change Spillovers in Bitcoin Markets

Authors: Paolo Giudici, Paolo Pagnottoni,

Key words: Cryptocurrency exchanges, High frequency prices, Spill over models 

A Decentralised Digital Identity Architecture

Authors: Goodell Geoff, Aste Tomaso

Key words: Blockchain architecture, Privacy, digital identity

Cryptocurrency market structure: connecting emotions and economics

Authors: Tomaso Aste,

Key words: Cryptocurrency markets, Sentiment analysis, Behavioural economics

Crypto price discovery through correlation networks

Authors: Paolo Giudici, Gloria Polinesi, 

Key words: Crypto exchanges, Correlation network models, Clustering

Analysing Social Media Forums to Discover Potential Causes of Phasic Shifts in Cryptocurrency Price Series

Authors: Andrew Burnie, Emine Yilmaz, Tomaso Aste,

Key words: Crypto prices, Sentiment analysis, Cryptocurrency markets

Initial Coin Offerings: Risk or Opportunity?

Authors: Anca Mirela Toma, Paola Cerchiello, 

Key words: Fraud risk, initial coin offerings, alternative funding

Are cryptos becoming alternative assets?

Authors: Daniel Traian Pele, Niels Wesselhofft, Wolfgang Karl Hardle, Michalis Kolossiatis, Yannis G Yatracos,

Key words: Crypto assets, classification models, factor models

Network Models to Enhance Automated Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management

Authors: Paolo Giudici, Paolo Pagnottoni, Gloria Polinesi

Key words: Crypto assets, portfolio allocation, Correlation network models

Information-theoretic measures for nonlinear causality detection: application to social media sentiment and cryptocurrency prices,

Authors: Z. Keskin, Tomaso Aste

Key words: Crypto prices, Information theoretic models, sentiment analysis

Cyber risk ordering with rank-based statistical models,

Authors: Paolo Giudici, Emanuela Raffinetti

Key words: Cyber risk, Ordinal models, Stochastic dominance

The Cost of Bitcoin Mining Has Never Really Increased

Authors: Yo-Der Song, Tomaso Aste,

Key words: Bitcoin mining, energy costs, bitcoin pricing

Key Roles of Crypto-Exchanges in Generating Arbitrage Opportunities

Authors: Audrius Kabašinskas, Kristina Šutienė,

Key words: Crypto exchanges, arbitrage models, network models

Libra or Librae? Basket based stablecoins to mitigate foreign exchange volatility spill overs

Authors: Paolo Giudici, Thomas Leach, Paolo Pagnottoni,

Key words: Stable coins, Portfolio allocation, Basket based coins

Investing with cryptocurrencies – evaluating their potential for portfolio allocation strategies

Authors: Alla Petukhina, Simon Trimborn, Wolfgang Karl Härdle, Hermann Elendner,

Key words: Crypto assets, Portfolio allocation, Crypto indexes

Rise of the machines? Intraday high-frequency trading patterns of cryptocurrencies

Authors: Alla A. Petukhina, Raphael C. G. Reule, Wolfgang Karl Härdle, 

Key words: Algorithmic trading, High-frequency trading, volatility models