For the Artificial Intelligence analytics we have created 3 Use Cases. Find more about each of them
 bellow! For each use case you can:
Check the main details here
  • go into details by reading the support peer-reviewed research paper

  • download the code and run it again with your own data

  •       get in contact with the creator of the use case

Use case 1

Use Case 1 Artificial Intelligence – Network models to enhance automated cryptocurrency portfolio management (Authors: Paolo Giudici, Paolo Pagnatoni, Gloria Polinesi) 

Use case 2

Use Case 2 Artificial Intelligence – Convergence and Divergence in European bond correlations (Authors: Peter Schwendner, Martin Schule, Martin Hildebrand) 

Use case 3

Use Case 3 Artificial Intelligence – Explainable Machine Learning in credit risk management (Authors: Niklas Bussmann, Paolo Giudici, Dimitri Marinelli, Jochen Papenbrock) 

The 3 used cases were presented all across Europe in mode than 30 events.
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For enriching the field, we have also produced significant research and the main 12
research upapers produced on the topic are:
Sentiment Analysis of European Bonds 2016–2018

Authors: Peter Schwendner, Martin Schule, martin Hillebrand

Key words: Bond market models, Correlation network models, Machine learning econometrics

Explainability of a Machine Learning Granting Scoring Model in Peer-to-Peer Lending,

Authors: Miller Janny Ariza-Garzon, Javier Arroyo, Antonio Caparrini, Maria-Jesus Segovia-Vargas

Key words: Explainable Artificial Intelligence, credit scoring, lending decisions

Assessment of Machine Learning Performance for Decision Support in Venture Capital Investments

Authors: Javier Arroyo, Francesco Corea, Guillermo Jimenez-Diaz, Juan A. Recio-Garcia,

Key words: Investment models, machine learning models, predictive accuracy

Explainable Machine Learning in Credit Risk Management,

Authors: Niklas Bussmann, Paolo Giudici, Dimitri Marinelli, Jochen Papenbrock, 

Key words: Explainable Artificial Intelligence, peer to peer lending, clustering models

COVID-19 contagion and digital finance,

Authors: Arianna Agosto, Paolo Giudici, 

Key words: Financial market models, covid-19 contagion, predictive models

Significance, relevance and explainability in the machine learning age: an econometrics and financial data science perspective,

Authors: Andreas G. F. Hoepner, David McMillan, Andrew Vivian, Chardin Wese Simen, 

Key words:  Financial market models, Machine learning models, econometric models

Neural networks and arbitrage in the VIX,

Authors: Joerg Osterrieder, Daniel Kucharczyk, Silas Rudolf, Daniel Wittwer, 

Key words: Financial market models, Neural networks, volatility models

Shapley-Lorenz eXplainable Artificial Intelligence,

Authors: Paolo Giudici, Emanuela Raffinetti

Key words: Explainable Artificial Intelligence, Shapley method, Rank-based performance

Interpretable Machine Learning for Diversified Portfolio Construction

Authors: Markus Jaeger, Stephan Krügel, Dimitri Marinelli, Jochen Papenbrock, Peter Schwendner, 

Key words: Explainable Artificial Intelligence, portfolio allocation, machine learning models

Matrix Evolutions: Synthetic Correlations and Explainable Machine Learning for Constructing Robust Investment Portfolios

Authors: Jochen Papenbrock, Peter Schwendner, Markus Jaeger, Stephan Krügel

Key words: Explainable Artificial Intelligence, portfolio robustness, machine learning models


Evaluation of multi-asset investment strategies with digital assets

Authors: Alla Petukhina, Erin Sprünken

Key words: Financial Market imodels, Digital investments, portfolio allocation

Predictability and pricing efficiency in forward and spot, developed and emerging currency markets

Authors: Valerio Potì, Richard Levich, Thomas Conlon

Key words: Currency markets models, Machine learning models, predictive models