Discussing the state of FINTECH in Finland

Our research project is moving towards the end and therefore we organized a final seminar as an open invitation online meeting to discuss the outcomes of the project on the May 19th 2021. The invitation was shared to local stakeholders and via social media and we were thrilled to have nearly 50 industry experts to join the discussion.


First, Lasse Koskinen discussed the overview of the Fintech-ho2020.eu project and the outcomes of the research made. Second, Hanna Heiskanen from Finnish FSA gave a very interesting insights how the phenomenon looks like from the regulators perspective and introduced the latest discussion in EIOPA as well as the use of APIs. Third, FinTech researcher Mikko Riikkinen discussed his dissertation and how value creation is changing within Financial Services due to digitalization and regulation.


Often online meetings are a challenging environment, however this time we had a great discussion around the topic. Different experts within the industry raised their voices about the implementation of regulation, new market entrants, European Payment Initiative and Open Insurance.


Summarize, by joining forces of universities, regulators and service providers within the industry everyone can learn from each other and reach better results. Therefore, we will embrace discussion the among all actors in Fin(tech)land and would encourage the other actors in other countries to join the discussion as well!


Mikko Riikkinen and Lasse Koskinen

Tampere University