Bucharest Blockchain Suptech – Bucharest University of Economic Studies and the Authority for Financial Supervision

The third Romanian Suptech from the FINTECH Horizon 2020 Project will be dedicated to topics connected to Blockchain technology. The main topics that will be discussed over the 4 half days are: Introduction to Blockchain Technology - Cryptography Elements used in Blockchains, Introduction to Blockchain Technology - Understanding the principles of Blockchains, Blockchain Technology – Mastering Ethereum in details, Blockchain Technology – Case studies and FIN-TECH applications using Blockchain Technology - e.g. XRP Ripple as SWIFT replacement, Introducing Blockchain technology in all databases with a universal data sharing approach, Use Case I: Libra or Librae? Basket-based Stable coins, Use Case III: Are Cryptos becoming alternative Assets? Use Case IV: FRM Financial Risk Meter, Use Case VI: Cyber risk ordering with rank-based statistical models

The Workshops will be attended by the representatives of the Romanian Financial Authority, by the representatives of the National Bank of Romania and by representatives of the banking and Fintech sectors in Romania.

The speakers of the event will be: Prof. Daniel Traian Pele, Assoc. Prof. Cristian Toma, Assoc. Prof. Marius Popa, Assoc. Prof. Vasile Alecsandru Strat, Lecturer. Daniel Zgura, Lecturer Adrian Otoiu, Assist. Prof. Raluca Caplescu, Assist. Prof. Alin Zamfiroiu, and Dan Popescu, Head of R&D at Modex.

FinTech (Financial Technology) means "technology- enabled financial innovation." There is a strong need to improve the competitiveness of European FinTech, creating a common regulatory approach across all countries. This can help encourage innovations in banks and in B2B FinTech companies, in the application of big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies, while authorities and researchers assess their risks. Europe has a broad mosaic of regulatory landscapes and technological innovations in finance. Regulators must move quickly and make important decisions about emerging scientific and business opportunities, without stifling their economic potential. The Fin-Tech project, under the EU's Horizon2020 funding scheme, aims to create a European FinTech risk management hub. To this end, it will develop ready-to-use FinTech risk management models which will be dynamically updated and aligned with best research and practice.

The project includes training to national regulators (suptech) and to European fintech hubs (regtech) by a group of independent experts that have leading research expertise in the measurement of the risks that arise from the application of big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies and, specifically, of those arising from innovative payments, peer to peer lending and financial robo-advisory.

The project has started on January 1st, 2019 and will last until June 2021. The activities of the project include 6 research workshops with international regulators, 48 hours of suptech workshops for each national supervisor and 6 regtech workshops for Fintechs and innovative banks. Financial institutions will be the ultimate validator of the proposed FinTech risk management solutions, as the project will involve the risk management functions of a selected group of banks in writing a final assessment of the project’s output (FinTech risk management models).

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 825215