Finance Sector Security On-Line Training Workshop

Thursday on the 14th of January 2021, the Fintech Horizon2020 Project, the FINSEC Horizon 2020 Project and the SOTER Horizon 2020 Project are inviting you to the Finance Sector Security On-Line Training Workshop entitled “Recent Security Advances in the Finance Sector”, Cost-Effective Resilience for the Connected Digital Finance Ecosystem.

We will be honored to meet you if you are listed below and you are interested in the learning objectives described here:

Workshop’s Learning Objectives


·     Understand the main security challenges faced nowadays by Financial Organizations.

·     Get Acquainted with novel Cyber-Security solutions that could alleviate modern security challenges.

·     Learn about novel approaches for Risk Assessment and Mitigation.

·     Understand the role of leading-edge Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Resilience of Financial Institutions.

·     Gain insights on the emerging integration of Cybersecurity and Physical Security.


Who should attend?

·     Managers and Executives that supervise Security Functions in Financial organizations.

·     Security Officers in the Finance Sector.

·     Risk Controllers in the Finance Sector.

·     Members of Security Teams for Banks and Financial Institutions (e.g., Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs)).

·     Representatives of Regulators and other Institutional Stakeholders in the Finance Sector.

·     Vendors and Integrators of Technological Solutions for Banking and Finance.


1. John Soldatos: Introduction to the Training Workshop Notorious Security Incidents in the Finance Sector
2. Marco Pernpruner: Automated Security and Risk Analysis of Strong Customer Authentication Solutions for the PSD2
3. Nora Schreier: Smart Regulation of Cybersecurity in a Multilevel Legal Framework
4. Claudia Tarantola: A Statistical Approach for Assessing Cyber Risk via Ordered Response Models
5. Martin Griesbacher: Human Factors Based Non-Tech Risk Mitigation in Finance
6. Omri Soceanu: Anomaly Detection and Response in Finance Sector Infrastructures
7. Paolo Giudici and Emanuela Raffinetti: Cyber Risk Management with Rank-based Statistical Models and Explainable AI
8. Habtamu Abie: Predictive Analytics for Cyber-Physical Threat Intelligence in Financial Sector Infrastructures


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