Blockchain Technology and Financial Regulation: A Risk-Based Approach to the Regulation of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

The team of Fintech Horizon2020 team of Zhaw invites you all on the 8th of January to the first Reseach Seminar of (zoom meeting) 2021. Primavera de Filipi and Alexis Collomb will be our Speakers and will present a risk-based approach to the Regulation of the Initial Coin Offerings. The details of the meeting are here:


How to join the ZOOM meeting:


Meeting ID: 922 6750 9942

Friday 08th of January

09 00 – 10 00 CET


Primavera and Alex explore the corresponding risks and limitations of these different fundraising practices, analysing the extent to which they should be subject to the same regulatory framework. Based on a review of both the EU and US regulatory frameworks, they investigate the possibility of applying existing financial regulations to ICOs. Using the notion of “functional equivalence”, they argue for a principle-based regulation, based on an in-depth risk-analysis, as an effective way of addressing the regulation of ICOs, thereby moving from “functional equivalence” to “risk equivalence”. Exploring the frontiers of the blockchain, they also explore the use of blockchain technology as a regulatory technology, incorporating specific rules and constraints into the technological fabric of an ICO, in order to ensure compliance with the fundamental principles of financial regulation.