A FINancial supervision and TECHnology compliance training programme

The activities of the FIN-TECH project draw on the contribution of :


  1. Fintechs and fintech hubs, who have detailed understanding of business models based on financial technologies;
  1. Regulators and supervisors, who have detailed understanding of the regulations and risks that concern financial technologies;


  1. Universities and research centres, which have detailed understanding of the risk management models that can be applied to financial technologies.



Meet the consortium partners 

Cross-border Networking of Ecosystems

While innovation in finance is not a new concept, the focus on technological innovations and its pace have increased significantly. Fintech solutions that make use of big data analytics, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies are currently introduced at an unprecedented rate. These new technologies are changing the nature of the financial industry, creating many opportunities for fintechs to offer more inclusive access to financial services